What is the top Speed of ETrance?

Top Speed of Etrance is 25KMPH

How many kilometers Etrance goes for per single charge?

ETrance goes 60 KM on Throttle and 70 KM on Paddle Assist System (PAS)

What is the battery Capacity, its life and warranty of Etrance?

3 Years / 24000 km Performance Warranty

How much time it takes to charge the ETrance battery fully?and how many units will it consume?

Etrance battery take 3 hours to get fully charged and it consumes 2.5 unites of power

What is the type of battery used?

Lithium Ion Batteries

Is there any No cost emi facility available?

You need check with your nearest dealer available.

Is registration required for PURE EV ETrance?

ETrance doesn’t require any registration

Do we have any Theft lock ?


What is the length of the etrance vehicle?


What is the height of the vehicle?


What is the Kerb weight of the vehicle?

KG including the battery

What are the standard accessories available for Etrance?

Foot Rest, Seat Cover, Tool Kit with pouch,Mirrors

What is the load carrying capacity of Etrance ?

100 Kg

What is the wheel size?

Front: Inch; Rear: Inch

How much air we need to fill?

Front: 18 PSI, Rear: 22 PSI

Which kind of braking system?

Front :Drum ; Rear: Drum brake, and EBS for both the brake levers

Type of tyres for Etrance ?

With Tube

Can we charge the Etrance vehicle externally without removing the battery from the vehicle?


How many keys we will get for Etrance ?

2 No

Do we have any Theft lock ?

Yes, Smart Anti Theft Lock with Alarm System

Standard Warranty on Motor?

1 Year

Standard Warranty on Controller?

1 Year

Does dealers have spare parts?

Yes, it is mandatory for all dealers to maintain adequate number of spare parts

Does dealer have Spare battery?


Do I get manual?


Can we do puncture of the rear tyre at normal mechanic shop?


Can I start the vehicle without insering the key?

Yes, you can do it with the smart lock.

Can we charge the battery at home?

Yes, you charge the battery with the Normal 5A socket

MCB rating of the Etrance?


Does MCB and Fuse of Etrance available in the market?

Yes, DC MCB will be available at any big electrical hardware shop

How to switch on and start the vehicle?

Ignition key type

What is the safety precaution related to the side stand?

The vehicle won’t start until we fully remove the side stand.

which spanner will suit for the Front wheel axle?

14-17 Open/Close end spanner

which spanner will suit for the Rear wheel axle?

21-22 Open end spanner

What set of tools I will receive with the vehicle?

Spanners: 14-17, 21-22, 14-15, and Two in one screw driver

How much power in BHP?

0.25 KW or 0.3 BHP

What are all the features available in the LCD Display

Speedo meter, Odo meter, SOC, Side Indicators

What is the speeds for each mode?

Eco mode – 10KMPH, Drive mode – 15 KMPH, and Sport mode -25 KMPH

Do the performance is effect as the Battery get discharge and left with 25%

No, its optimized in the BMS and controller level to reduce the current output in the last mile SOC, and so will reduce the speed. Currently, this is to ensure that Battery doesn’t get overheated as the electrical resistance goes up with decrease in SOC and current will be limited as the heat generation is proportional to I^2 x R. Hence, to safe guard the performance and life of the battery, the current will be limited in the last mile SOC. However, we are further optimizing this to ensure better ride experience. This has been a continous work for the R & D team of PURE EV.